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When it comes to hunting, the metal that forges your guns and knives is your best friend. Return the kindness and take complete care of your equipment with the Gun & Knife Care Kit!
PKR 5000
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Each kit contains: (1) 1.76 ounce polish, (1) 1.7 ounce rifle, gun and knife wax, (1) 1.7 ounce tactical matte finish cleaner and (1) 16 inch x 16 inch microfiber cloth Clean, polish and protect your firearms and knives and polish will not remove hot factory gun bluing Polish and cleaner included will remove rust, fingerprints, powder residue and more; wax is made of Brazilian Carnauba and will protect all gun/rifle finishes, stocks and knife surfaces Restore the surfaces of your Rifle, Gun and Knife easily with an environment friendly product

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