Diplomat Istella S-500 Fireproof Luxury Safe Marble White Touch

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Model S-500 Outside - H-20.5 W-15.9 D-18.5 Weight - 60kg Locking System Magic Touch Panel Tray 1 pc Shelf 1 pc Drawer 1 pc Fire Class paper 60 Mint
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Istella Premium safe designed in motif of twinkling stars looks simple and elegant. 

  • Slide drawer
  • Height adjustable shelf
  • Key hangers on door back
  • Touching diplomat logo, digit numbers and icons appear on the panel.
  • Boltwork automatically  controlled in opening and closing.
  • Certified 60 minutes fire resistance by Rise, Sweden.
  • LED light makes it convenient and easy to see inside
  • Two independent alarms for alert at 110db when safe impacted or tilted at over 45*.
  •  Override key system provided for emergency unlocking
  • User code 4 to 16 digits
  • Built in alarm
  • Low battery indication
  • Reset button

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