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Our Services

Our services include…


Planning & System Design

When risk is not considered early on in a project, security flaws can easily be built in and then prove expensive change at a later date. We are able to advise project architects and designers from the earliest stages on a wide variety of security considerations that will reduce potential risks, remove opportunities for crime and create safer business environments.

Project Management

Tayabally Security Products has a wealth of experience in assisting organizations to install security features and systems on time, on budget and with minimum disruption to operations.

It is not only our knowledge of the security industry that is critical but also our background and experience in the industry.


Training & Support

When we are finished installing your system we hold training sessions for key people who will be using the system. We believe that your knowledge of the system will virtually eliminate end user issues.

When you call us, you speak to a person–not a voicemail or telephone menus. We strive to be different, when you call TAYABALLY, you will immediately get through to one of our support staff and you will find us willing and able to resolve your problem. If you are in need of on-site support, our goal is to provide the quickest response time to meet and exceed your expectations.