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Digital Safes

The Digital Safe business is part of our Personal Security Products division and we believe that our service, price and quality of product are second to none. Our focus is always on listening to the needs of our clients, working with them to find the most effective solution, and then exceeding their expectations in relation to service.

We have the largest range of Digital Safes in Pakistan. We consistently add new safes to meet the changing market trends. All our safes are imported and carry international standards certifications in different categories i.e. Fire Resistance Certification from Underwriter Laboratories, USA & SP Technical Research Institute, Sweden.


Digital Safes

Fingerprint Safes

Laptop Safes

Credit Card/Hotel Safes

Gun Safes

Wall Drawer & Floor Safes

Digital Key Cabinets

Fire Resistant Safes for Paper

Fire Resistant Safes for Digital Media


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Did you know?

More than 100,000 cases of theft and burglary are reported every year. Actual number of these cases is much higher as many cases are not reported.
Out of these cases, in more than 50% cases cash and/or jewelry was stolen.
In most cases, domestic workers/servants were involved.
In most cases keys of lockers/cabinets were stolen or duplicates were made.

Ask yourself few questions?

Are your valuables really secured against theft or burglary?
How often do you forget your keys somewhere in the house?
Do you always bother to find a secure place to hide your keys?
Bank lockers are OK but where do you keep the jewelry at night (after coming back from a function/party), is it a secure place?

Can’t find the solution?

We can help you!

With Tayabally’s Digital Safes and Digital Door Locks your valuables are much safer than ever before.

Digital safes and door locks work with electronic lock which is simple to operate and can be programmed with any combination of 3 to 8 digits. It intrudes tampering and has pre-drilled holes inside the safes with fixing bolts allowing permanent mounting to any surface.

No Keys or Key Cards.
No bothering to hide keys.
No tensions of losing keys.
No electricity required.
No maintenance required.
Operates on 4AA Batteries, lasts for 1 year. 
Emergency Key override system.
Constructed from solid steel to resist attack from hand and power tools.
Fire Resistant & Data Protection models are also available.


May Allah keep all of us safe from adversity of Fire, Ameen

But if it happens...

loss of important documents or critical data can ruin your life and business

secure your documents and digital data against fire by using Fire Resistant Safes

Tayabaly Security Products offers Certified FIre Resistant Safes for protection of your precious documents or computer media.


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Our friendly staff is available to assist you.