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Access Control

Whether you need a simple stand-alone device or a complex access control system, we have all the products to meet your needs. We provide total access control solutions covering both authentication and obstruction.

With the combination of latest technologies like fingerprint, RFID, GSM and advance mechanical devices, we are able to provide solution for any kind of application. From a single door access control to a complex facility management, providing a safe and secure environment for employees, visitors and contractors that can include Door Access Control, Time Management, Visitor Management, Lift Access Control, Turnstile, Parking Management, Automatic Gates, Barriers, Road Blockers and much more.


Digital Door Locks

Fingerprint Door Locks/Access Control

GSM Door Locks/Access Control

Time & Attendance Management

High Security Padlocks

Gate Automation Systems

Electric Road Barriers

Hydraulic Road Blockers

Other Accessories


More Choices, More Applications, More Confidence

With variety of different access control technologies we offer more choice, enabling extended functionality such as mobile access, ensuring more confidence with best-in-class security and privacy.





Are you aware of these facts?

Keys are very likely to be lost or stolen.
Hiding Keys outside is extremely insecure yet common practice.
Mechanical keys are easily duplicated.
For most thieves it is matter of seconds to pick any mechanical lock.
Many people have to change their locks if contract workders or tenants leave with the keys.


Lost, stolen or forgotten keys are problems of the past. For most people the convenience of not having to toil with key is enough, but numerous other benefits are associated with utilizing a key-less door.
No worries of losing keys.
No hassles of hiding keys.
Option to create duplicate keys is virtually eliminated.
If keys are lost, you no longer need to change the locks.

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